Brian Todd

Manchester Orthopaedic Group has developed rapidly under the management and direction of  2Way Consulting Ltd. Their understanding of the health service, both private and public and their ability to communicate effectively with both doctors and senior managers has enabled our group to stay a step ahead in an ever-changing landscape. 

From initial concept to the fine detail of the day to day running of the partnership, 2Way Consulting has given surgeons the opportunity to focus on what they are best at doing. Contract negotiation, marketing, secretarial organisation and the many other key components of a successful business are dealt with by 2Way Consulting. Their many contributions have been key to our success so far and placed us in position to benefit from the many opportunities which are certain to arise in the future.

Mr. Brian Todd FRCS
Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon
Chairman, Manchester Orthopaedic Group

Stephen Brown

The demands of clinical work leave little time to concentrate on the organisation of
one's practice and how it can best adapt to the modern health economy. 

The project management skills of 2Way Consulting based on significant experience
in health care management were invaluable in setting up our profit sharing limited
liability partnership.  Their on-going strategic advice and support will, I believe,
be extremely important to us as we look to develop further in the future.

Stephen Brown
Consultant Urologist
Manchester Urology

Andrew Sinclair

2Way Consulting Ltd was instrumental in helping me set up my private practice. As a new consultant their advice was invaluable and saved me a considerable amount of time and effort. 2Way Consulting has extensive contacts in the private sector which has also helped in the development of my practice. They are friendly and approachable and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to a colleague looking to develop their practice.

Andrew Sinclair
Consultant Urologist
Manchester Urology

Professor Botham 

2Way Consulting Ltd has demonstrated a considerable insight into human relations. Their expertise is in management/thinking processes which they successfully apply to the vista of professionals working in the health care industry. In my view, this stems from a genuine conviction in people/people relationships which is at the heart of any successful business/organisation.

Professor David Botham
Revans Professor
University of Manchester

Tahir Khan

2Way Consulting Ltd has worked with Manchester Orthopaedic Group (MOG) since its inception and we have worked together to develop the Medico-Legal aspect of MOG. They are hardworking, enthusiastic and they understand the working of health care provision. They would an asset to any medical related business development.

Tahir Khan
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
and honorary lecturer
Central Manchester Hospitals

Professor Booth

I am pleased to be acquainted with 2Way Consulting Ltd whilst working in Manchester on the Care UK Greater Manchester CATS project.

My particular interest has been service redesign in urology and it has been refreshing to meet the key players in 2Way Consulting and discover their key interest and wide background knowlegde, both clinical and managerial that is helping to promote initiatives within the evolving private and NHS healthcare markets. Their skills are of great value to clinicians such as myself and working with 2Way Consulting has been a pleasure. I would therefore have no hesitation in recommending them to clinicians who require independent business support.

Professor Christopher M Booth FRCS
Consultant Urologist